In 2020 we started breeding with a few mares; Idorijke, Bella and Diva. We decided to breed Idorijke and Diva with the promising Dutch young stallion Le Formidable, Bella got inseminated with Jovian.


Idorijke moved to a big stable close-by, where she has a lot of space and her foal can grow up. At the end of April in 2021 she gave us our first self bred horse; Roque. A very sweet big black mare. 


We have sold Bella as a broodmare to Lineke Bakker from stud farm Welfare, but agreed we keep her first foal. At the 10th of may Bella gave birth to a beautiful stallion named Riccioni.


With Diva we decided to go for Embryo transfer, because the first two attempts didn’t work, her foal got born a little later in the year. But she was totally worth the wait, a stunning black mare was born in June, named Rocka Diva.


We are so happy with all three of our foals and got a little addicted to the whole breeding process. Unfortunately Idorijke didn’t get pregnant in 2021, but Diva made up for this by giving us two embryo’s by Secret! They are due April 2022.