We feel very lucky to be supported by some of the most amazing brands that help us keep our horses supple, fit, shiny and the best athletes they can be. We are very happy with the cooperation with the agent of Passier, Montar en Bucas; Jacob Janssen’s Mobi Argenturen.



We all know that in topsport every detail matters, of course we all like to look nice but more important, we need good gear. A brand like Passier helps us to sit in a good independent way, so we can follow our horses movements and our horses feel comfortable and unrestrained in their way of going. In our opinion, Passier is the best saddle and bridle brand there is. We already were huge fan of Passier before our collaboration started, the bridles are not only beautiful and unlimited in options, they also last a lifetime. Actually all the Passier products do, they thought of every little detail, the shape of the girths for example are perfect, they release the pressure and make sure the horses skin doesn’t get irritated. Take a look on their website; to see all the options they have in store to create your own unique saddle and bridle.



When you work in the stable all day it is so important to wear clothes that breath and have a good fit. We are so happy that the cool Danish brand Montar provides us with this. Their clothing is not only very nice to wear, also it looks great! The breeches are the first ones which reach till our ankles! They truly feel like a second skin and are irreplaceable for us. Go and checkout their webshop to order your new outfit.



In order to keep our horses happy we love to turn them out in the field, but in The Netherlands the rain is inevitable, so good rugs are a must. Bucas makes the best quality rugs there is, so our horses stay dry and have the best fitted rugs. Besides the importance of a good fitted rug, Bucas invented the Therapy rug. A new technology where there is a stainless steal mesh converted into the rug. This reflects the body heat which makes the horse warm up quicker and cool down better because their blood circulation is better. We can really tell the horses get very relaxt when wearing the rug and we use them everyday. Bucas makes countless rugs, for every circumstance they have an answer. Go and see for yourself on or


Other brands that help us with keeping our horses feel healthy and happy are the products from Blue hors care and PAVO.


Blue hors care

Lineke Bakker, owner of stud farm Welfare provides us with the amazing Blue hors care products. These products help us to keep our horses shiny and their skin healthy. They have a big range of products, like hoof oil, fly spray, cooling clay and cream for about every problem you can think of. Check out her website to see all the products she can get for you.



We have been feeding PAVO already for more than 10 years to our horses, because we really feel that it makes our horses feel healthy and energetic. They have so many different kinds of food in store, it doesn’t matter if you have an older retired horse which has difficulties with it teeth, a foal or a sporthorse, they thought of every situation. Also we use some supplements out of their range, like the E’lite, a supplement which refills the salt that some very sweaty horses lose. For us PAVO provides the best horse food there is. See all the options on